Friday, September 28, 2007

Deer In Headlights

I've felt this way since my third child, my third boy was two years old. Slow language development led to testing and all sorts of programs that really didn't help. He got muscle massage even though the speech pathologists told me they thought his muscle tone was fine. Two states federally funded programs and none of the insurance we've had - there have been three different companies - have covered any sort of developmental testing or services, even if prescribed by a doctor. Now he is in kindergarten and we are getting tested next week, but I am frustrated, devastated and heart broken that I can't move quicker and get him what he needs. He has a hard time, okay IMPOSSIBLE time with letter recognition, associating sounds to letters or writing. He is left handed. He is shy and KNOWS he speaks with difficulty so he is not happy making sounds with me or anyone to figure out what something might say. His kindergarten teacher has completely angered me by her flippant discussion of him with me.I don't know what he needs, but I know he needs something! I have found this site and this has been the closest thing to being helpful. Argh!

Just needed to vent. Anyone else have any ideas? stories? There is nothing more hurtful than something wrong with your child. It kills a part of you.

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