Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quick! Blog now the baby is sleeping!

Well, it's amazing how having a new baby, Christmas prep and moving kill blogging time.

Anyway, I write this to you from my hotel room in Medford, Oregon. We are beginning day 2 of our 'travel adventure' as hubby calls it back down to our house in Yucaipa. Anyone who thinks a Suburban is a large vehicle has never packed two adults, five kids, a dog and all the stuff we've been living with (including Christmas presents) into it for five days. Oh, and a UHaul trailer. Which says it's from Kansas, so now everyone on the road thinks we hail from Kansas and has led Jared to exclaim that it isn't a UHaul trailer, it's a Y'all Haul! trailer.

Gotta go, babe's crying. We made it here in 9 hours, so not too bad. Hubby is subsequently fired from hotel reservations as the pool is outside and no breakfast is included. But we didn't have to sleep in the car, so that's a good thing.