Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Since daddy couldn't be with us at 4th of July, we celebrated it for him - for 12 and 1/2 hours straight. Way more than mommy would care to celebrate. The kids had a great time, although they will completely forget about the parade with their 6 cousins, lunching and being wild with half of them, and then having dinner and playing water balloon, super soaker, slip n' slide and other wild kid games with the other half, drinking all the soda they could get their lips on and all the cookies they could sneak out of the kitchen and will only remember that mean mommy made them leave the festivities before the rockets red glare was lit because their little brother had a temperature and no baby should be up that long without it being considered abusive. Go figure.

Look what the Richardson legacy hath wrought!

Good thing Michelle had a pogo stick so the kids could take turns working off all that sugar.

Watermelon baby.

The Richardson/Zientek/Walker clan. We took up a city block.

Happy Fourth of July!

Untuk Bapa Lagi

Err, pretty balerina?

Fashionista in training,...

Nothing like grilling s'mores on the barbie,..

I will NOT fall asleep in the car seat,..


Untuk Bapa

We miss you daddy! While Karen and the kids have been living the high life in civilization, daddy has been slaving away in Indonesia. He's coming home for a three week home leave next Friday and we are very excited.

Here are some pictures for him to tide him over,...

The Gangstas:

Strawberry Fields Forever:

We did offer to weigh her on the way out of the patch.

Gettin' down with nature.

I've had thiiiis many strawberries!

Look! They did work! Their hands are dirty!