Friday, January 18, 2008

The B is 2!

If I could find either my digital camera or the USB cable to take the pictures from the camera to the computer, I could show you a picture of the happy little girl on her birthday. But that request is not to be today. I could also show you the marginally deranged Elmo cake I decorated for her. The ugly cakes will perservere! After packing up the two girls and making my 'might as well be going to Mars, that's how difficult it is to do' trip to the grocery store and subsequently loosing Sabrina at the grocery store for a short while (thank God for other mothers who understand and don't judge), we made it back with everything,.. BUT the cake mix. I debated going another route, but then I remembered that 8 year old had an Elmo cake when he was 2 and 6 year old had a dump truck cake when he was 2, and 11 year old had a carrot cake made from scratch (only because we lived in Egypt and that's the only way to do it) when he was 2. So, since I found the Elmo cake pan (AND the Elmo plastic table cover, both still in existance after six years and moves to three difference continents) I HAD to use them. Don't have a measuring cup or the correct decorating tips, although I DO have the jello brain mold I use at Halloween. That sure comes in handy,... No, I didn't use the jello mold in the makings of the Elmo cake, just pointing out what fun it is to unpack moving boxes. Very similar to opening presents, but nothing is shiny and new.

But I did my best. And I showed the cake to B after I'd decorated it, asking her if she knew who it was and she said 'Momo.' (2year speak for Elmo) so I count this cake as a success.

Grandpa and Grandma got her a cool light up princess pink and purple scooter that she loves, but having inherited my genes, can't comprehend how to make it move. No fear, as she is the queen of the house and has three older brothers to push her around as she screams directions. Very similar to her mother, indeed.

Gotta get birthday girl to bed. I am now nursing a migraine, probably from massive frosting consumption.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blindsided By Life

Okay, as any psychiatrist will tell you, we have really packed in all the variables required for a nervous breakdown; new baby, move, new job, new house, new schools,... I am regaining my sanity and will start posting again to keep friends and family in the know. However, I will be changing the name of the blog because, after seeing boxes for 3 weeks now (and many more weeks to come), and having the fifth kid, I DO have children, but I am no longer interested in travelling anywhere.

Top 10 signs we are back in So Cal.

1. While relatives battled the cold back in Wash., 11 year old had a pool party in the backyard for his birthday.

2. Sun, the beautiful sun! I no longer feel like I live at the bottom of the sea.

3. Lovely So Cal customer service with the cable company; took 4 times for them to get the equipment for the TV correct. Sheesh.

4. I've had to purchase self tanning lotion to fit in.

5. The boys are allowed to wear shorts to Church again.

6. Had to spray for bugs already in January.

7. The boys are just one in a million with their blond hair.

8. Watching my fav morning new program, 'Good Day LA' means that I am in the know on the latest in the Brittny Spears breakdown, but have no idea who won any of the primaries.

9. I've turned back into a closet republican.

10. The 11 year old was invited to another 11 year old's birthday party,.. at Hooters. Seriously.