Monday, July 09, 2007

You aren't a BIG DAWG if you aren't a HUSKY!


Grandma Z bought a ton of models at the store and the boys have had a great time putting them together, especially since Grandma helps with the gluing and understands the importance of sandpaper. (Something mommy missed in school.)

More Brain Expansion

The water wheel:

Even B had a great time. Maybe especially B.

Bernouli's Ball. Also replicated with a scuba tank and a golf ball if you remember,...

Yay! Goal achieved! A ride in silence. No: "Knock it off!" "No, I am not listening to Ozzy Osborne again." "Or Smashmouth." "I know Smashmouth sang all the Shrek songs and I like them too, but I don't want to listen to them again." "Sabrina, stop screaming at your brothers." "Zach, just give her a goldfish cracker so she's quiet." "Kyle, is your seatbelt on?"

Non Brain Rotting Activities

We went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle for a day of playing (while learning, little did they know,.. hee hee hee). We had to leave only because mommy was pooped out. I'm such a downer they think, since the missing of the fireworks and now this.

The dino exhibit was awesome, they loved the IMAX, and all the regular exhibits are right up Jared's alley - lots of the same science things we did in homeschooling last year.

There was even a toddler area where Sabrina climbed up and down the slide about 50 times. Worth the trip just for that (and a good excuse to go to Nordstrom,..)

They can't wait to take daddy here!

Water cannons!

No, I did not make them wear matching purple shirts - they did this on their own.

Maybe something sunk into those hard heads?

Digging for bones - Kyle and Sabrina's favorite activities.

Good family fun, huh? (No children were actually strangled in the taking of this photo.)