Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Untuk 'Pa

Okay, sorry. Daddy asked for pictures of his brood, so here goes. I am catching up. These are from the six year old' s birthday this past beginning of August. We had a race car theme. We have created a weird little ritual with him where he requests his fav food of the year and I work it in somehow. Last year it was candy corn. This year bean sprouts. Go figure.

Check out that dynomite cake! My mom helped, so she broke my streak of ugliest birthday cakes known to man. I was trying for a Guiness Book record. Maybe next year,..

Now, THAT is a smile that says, this is a GREAT party!

Games! Must of the cuz's came and we played a car race game, pop the balloon with yer butt and find the bubblegum under the whipped cream only using your face. I don't know if the kids had more fun or the adults who got to watch all this silly behavior!

And of course the loot. Kyle was very happy as he got everything he wished for. It's easy to shop for your kids when all their toys have been left behind in Indonesia. Try it sometime!

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