Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trip Down Memory Lane

Happy Anniversary! July 2004 on our way to So Cal from Boise, Idaho. This is July 4th at your parents' house. Yes, when Jared was young enough to wear tie-die.

This is the kid who is going to drive me to smoke or drink bourbon. One or the other. Very soon.

Are you ready for another one? Only 13 more weeks,...

See how much Max has grown? Our little rescue pup is now a seasoned world traveller!

I bought a ridiculously HUGE and expensive chocolate cake for hubby and my 14th anniversary that I will share with my boys tonight after the Kindergarten picnic and Jared's football practice. How romantic. : )

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Teri said...

Your whole family is just dang good-lookin'. LOVE seeing Sabrina and her facial expressions. Great photos!