Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kyle's First Lost Tooth!

One of life's milestones; Kyle, our now 6 year old lost his first tooth. We didn't even know he had any loose teeth; maybe he had no idea what a loose tooth even felt like. He had grabbed a nectarine (unhairy peach as they are known in this family) and ran outside to play. He came in a few minutes later asking excitedly if his tooth had fallen out. Lo and behold, it had! It took oldest brother Jared's careful inspection of the nectarine to find the embedded tooth, which mommy carefully stuck on a napkin and put on the kitchen counter. Then subsequently forgot about it and threw it away with all the rest of the day's rubbish laying around the counter. Good thing the tooth fairy found it, brought it back to Kyle's bed, and replaced the tooth on the napkin with the dollar. Those fairies sure have a nose for teeth!

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