Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me,
I live with monkeys,...

I've been thinking all day and I don't know how to finish it. Such a nice day, however. My husband got me a dozen red roses on time, even though he's traipsing around the God forsaken Indonesian jungle. The boys made the best scrapbook ever with Grandma. I will continue to make scrapbooks for Grandparents at the holidays because now I really know how exciting it it. My oldest son made me breakfast - we'll forget about the first two frozen waffles he burnt and tried to pass off as edible,.. and he made a great chocolate chip cookie cake with Grandma, as well.

I share this birthday with my bro-in-law who is recovering from colon cancer surgery, so I was tasked with making his cake. It was requested of me to make a fire truck cake since he's a fireman. I did it, I got it up to his house unscathed! And I told him if he took enough pain meds and looked at it, it would actually look pretty decent. (I'm trying to be known as the maker of the most horrible birthday cakes ever, but I seem to be improving now that I've learned what a wonderful invention the star tip is for frosting!)

It was a fantastic day. The sun even shone here in the great northwest. About time, we all needed a break.


mom2threepks said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Mine was the second. We are Leos hear us roar! I got red roses too. Hubby forgot to take the price tag off that said "manager's special $5.99" but I actually think knowing he got a great deal on flowers that still looked good make it even better!

Teri said...

How 'bout:
"But I'm Queen of the tree!"
to end your birthday song?
Happy Birthday!