Friday, June 09, 2006

Well, hello! Yes, it took me a while, but I've remembered my user name so I could log back on and create more exciting blog entries. That fourth kid just really fries those brain cells! But, as you can see, she is certainly worth it! Sabrina is doing great on the solid food - quite the eater, actually. We've moved on from rice cereal to a bit of pear, and after the first initial shock, she is doing great.

Yes, pretty soon life will consist of pear juice margaritas pool side 24/7. The big boys only have one more week left of school. So far they've been doing nothing but watching movies and eating candy in class - not really sure what we are paying all that money for private school, to tell you the truth!

Jared got his cast off on Tuesday, and instead of being a steadfast parent, mom let him hang out for the day in the swimming pool. That evening he played his first baseball game in 3 weeks. They won the game - their second playoff game - 11 - 8. Friday we play again. Jared got walked the first time to bat, but struck out the next two times. He did well in the outfield, although he missed 3rd base. He has quite the arm - throwing the ball all the way from right outfield to 3rd is no small feat. Zach and Kyle entertained themselves for two solid hours playing their own rendition of baseball with their friends Tyler and Keaton - very cute.

We met with Kyle's speech administration as he transitions out of the county program to the district program becuase of his age. After 40 minutes (the session is only slotted for 20) we came away with continuing with two 20 minute speech therapy sessions a week even though he will be attending a kindergarten program in another county. We won! Very happy for that.

That's it for now. 'Bout time for bed.

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