Monday, June 19, 2006

It all comes to a close,...

Well, we are finished with another school year. Kyle graduated from preschool! He had a nice ceremony and even sat in the front row with his cap and gown. He pantomimed a few preschool songs and got an award for 'Most Sensitive.'

Zach did awesome, too. He's now a first grader! He got a citizenship award (like honor roll, but they aren't graded), and a special award for getting a citizenship award for all three trimesters.

Jared also did great - GPA of 3.84 and a special award for being on the Principal's List (the good list for getting good grades.) He got a trophy for track, and won 3rd place in a schoolwide drawing contest where he got a four pack of free bowling certificates (watch out Grandma Z!)

Daddy surprised them and came out for the assembly, then we celebrated at Red Robin and went shopping - Jared and Kyle chose Heelys and Zach got a Robot Monkey. To be a kid again, eh?

Saturday Jared took mom jogging. What a mistake that was! While he was leaping over puddles and running stairs to waste time, mommy was trying to keep up. He kept looking back shrugging his shoulders and exclaiming, " I'm not even sweating!" And to think after a month on the couch with a broken arm, mommy would have had a chance!

Then to closing ceremonies for baseball. Zach and Jared received trophies for their participation. At Jared's swimming party at a fellow teammate's house he got the 'Best Attitude' award.

Then, unfortunately, we had yet another calamity,...Jared slipped and hit tummy/face first on the side of the pool and bit through his tongue. No, not joking. He's okay. We stopped the bleeding and thank goodness held the ER at bay. But he is in quite a bit of pain and having trouble talking, as you can imagine. And this happened on the anniversary of Kyle's broken arm. So,.. either we have closed on a year of bad luck, or we just keep our kids locked up in their rooms on this date next year,... Bad luck comes in threes, right? So after the broken arm, staples in the head and the tongue piercing, we should be good to go, yeah?

Time to get ready for the day,.. Happy Father's Day to all of you dads out there!

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