Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blindsided By Life

Okay, as any psychiatrist will tell you, we have really packed in all the variables required for a nervous breakdown; new baby, move, new job, new house, new schools,... I am regaining my sanity and will start posting again to keep friends and family in the know. However, I will be changing the name of the blog because, after seeing boxes for 3 weeks now (and many more weeks to come), and having the fifth kid, I DO have children, but I am no longer interested in travelling anywhere.

Top 10 signs we are back in So Cal.

1. While relatives battled the cold back in Wash., 11 year old had a pool party in the backyard for his birthday.

2. Sun, the beautiful sun! I no longer feel like I live at the bottom of the sea.

3. Lovely So Cal customer service with the cable company; took 4 times for them to get the equipment for the TV correct. Sheesh.

4. I've had to purchase self tanning lotion to fit in.

5. The boys are allowed to wear shorts to Church again.

6. Had to spray for bugs already in January.

7. The boys are just one in a million with their blond hair.

8. Watching my fav morning new program, 'Good Day LA' means that I am in the know on the latest in the Brittny Spears breakdown, but have no idea who won any of the primaries.

9. I've turned back into a closet republican.

10. The 11 year old was invited to another 11 year old's birthday party,.. at Hooters. Seriously.

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Teri said...

So... I'm excited to hear two things: 1) your new blog title and 2) whether he's going to the Hooters party! (What do they hand out to 11 year-olds as party favors?)