Monday, February 04, 2008

Insights into Your Grandkids

And you know who you are,...

Jared is great in the kitchen. I left him one day in Indonesia to make Foccocia bread (with the nanny and cleaner watching, I didn't leave him alone, Mom.) I came back to the BEST Fococcia bread - it reminded me of some that I had from a little bakery in Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Really oily with lots of salt. Awesome.

Today, we are making pretzels for the SuperBowl party. Well, now they are pretzel sticks because I can't be bothered to make pretzel shapes for about 50 little peices of bread. Mine look ridiculous, but somehow Jared can get the bread to twist.

So now he's thought of a new vocation - you'd think it would be baker, right?

No, Jared wants to be a dog biscuit maker, or better yet, a dog treat taster. Go figure.

Zach? He made his robotic Tyrannasaurus Rex on a dark and stormy day. Which made him say, " I wish I was IGOR!"

Is this the fate of the second born? To always wish to be Igor and not Dr. Frankenstein?

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