Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maybe There Is Such A Thing As Too Pregnant

Okay, so after the comments I got emailed to my personal email, perhaps I should stop posting until the pregnancy has passed. I am riding the emotional roller coaster, which is always there lurking in the background for us girls, but very exemplified when preggo. Last week I had three days of 'every one is out to get me, no one cares I'm having a baby.' My husband tried to call. I emailed him and told him I didn't want to talk. When he did call I was nothing but a blubbery mess. Then, magically, I felt fine! He was just happy to be 2000 miles away not dealing with the whole loop-de-loop, I'm sure.

Only three and a half weeks to go. At my last appointment the nurse sat down to go through my chart, getting everything in order to send over to the birthing center. That's when it hit me, I'm having a baby,... SOON. Dealing with four other kids non stop one tends to forget the bun in the oven, accept when trying to bend over and tie my shoes, pick something off the floor, or attempt to look cute for the day in some sort of clothing. Ha. Then she said, "You are the picture of a perfect pregnancy." To which I replied, "Uhm,.. except for the blood clot and 50 pound weight gain,.." What chart was she looking at? But, honestly, besides those two little things, yes, absolutely. I could do this whole pregnancy thing myself.

After all, what DO you ask your OB when you are pregnant with your fifth kid? "Any questions?" asks my doctor.

"Nope," I say.

"Well, we'll see you in two weeks," she replies.

So I started to think of every possible stupid thing I could ask.

"I'm sooooo tired," I whine.

"You are pregnant," she says, closing my chart and smiling, ushering me out the door.

"I think I'm getting hairier. Here, look at my cheeks, they are fuzzier than normal. It's a good thing I'm blond. Is it my thyroid?"

She smiles. "Your thyroid is fine."

So, yes, small babies, Terri, but not a small mommy. : )

Gotta go buy some little diapers and maybe pack a bag, I guess.

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Teri said...

How exciting - those last few days - packing the bag and buying the diapers. I wish I could see you and we could share some ice cream!