Saturday, October 20, 2007

Go Mommy Bloghers!

Okay, so besides the fact that yes, I'll admit it, I covet this woman's instand popularity, because, darn it, I have a mundane life too and it's pretty funny. But, good for her with her popular blog being read by 30,000 people every day. This lady is all of us moms' Cinderella, book deals, sitcom deals, and the news darling of the day because she writes about her family of six in a very humerous way - check it out.

I don't know; scoping out the Internet these days is making me feel like I did back in the day when I subscribed to those crazy parenting magazines - the ones that made you feel bad because you didn't do all those witty crafts, look like those models in the exercise articles or make dinners from scratch every night with flaxseed and veggie puree. Utterly less-than-everybody-else.

These days it seems every mom has a blog making money on advertising and companies sending samples hoping to be given a good review and break into the great, big buying strength that we mavens of the household front control. Or they all have cute little online stores, having learned Web design and html while breastfeeding their newborns at night.


But, ... good for them.

I'll continue my little posts to keep family and friends up to date and there is NOTHING better than sitting down with that first cup of coffee in the morning, getting the nerve to open my work email, and surfing among my friend's blogs. White picket fence of today, thank goodness there is an Internet.

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