Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Final Countdown,...

Who sings that mullet rock song anyway? That horrible refrain has been going through my head for a few days now. Hubby is coming home from Indonesia in six days! Unbelievable!

And I have to say I am SOOO happy not to be there to assist, I mean, DO the final pack out. Sounds like everything went without a hitch.


Getting the stupid dog out of that country will be a test of endurance, MacGuyver skills and sheer brute strength. Hubby found a vet. Yes! In a 'we hate dogs province of Indonesia'. He found the vet two months ago, got pet expediters all set up in Singapore and Jakarta and was *relaxing* and patting himself on the back for his saviness and good fortune.

The first sign of trouble was about a month ago when the vet gave stupid dog a million shots and then told him not to bathe stupid dog for about a week to make sure the shots took effect. WHAAA?? Listen to me people, you bathe dogs who run around in potentially bird flu infected soils in 80+
degree temperatures with 200% humidity. You bathe dogs who frolick on the beach and chase crabs. Yes, dear reader, you misread that sentence; I said the dog chases crabs, he doesn't have crabs. That we know of. Yet.

The vet's advice sounded as ominous as my local OB telling me the pills he gave me where for undisclosed 'hormones' to keep everything in place. Yikes. Threw those right out with the spoiled milk. In retrospect, probably should have consumed them and maybe wouldn't have had any problems with the pregnancy on the way out of the country.

Then, the vet lost the shot record for stupid dog. Then denied having lost the shot record. Now, my husband will NOT loose a peice of paper. He may have to put me, his wife's, name in his Microsoft Outlook contacts database, but he will not loose a piece of paper. The man is ORGANIZED. The man reads 'How to Use Outlook to Organize Your Life' books. For fun. He is an engineer and everything has its place. Especially since I, the artsy wife, am not around shoving papers into drawers and pretty little baskets for the aesthetics. Fashion before function I always say!

Anyhoo, then the call comes from the Jakarta expediters that more and entirely different paperwork needs to be filled out because Jakarta has declared itself a 'Rabies free city.' Give me a break,...

THEN, the Jakarta expediters call again and tell him the vet filled out one peice of paperwork correctly stating that the end destination of stupid dog is the U.S. of A., but the other peice says the end destination is Jakarta! And no one seems to be able to change it for fear of jail time!

I'm sorry, tell me again why we are paying these people a couple hundred clams to 'expedite' the dog?

I told hubby not to even TELL me about any problems with the shipment. I wish I had a photo my Father In Law sent when we moved back from the Philippines of cargo tumbling off this freighter in the middle of a storm in the ocean. It's just stuff anyway,...

I'm sure that the party tonight for hubby's going away made up for the stress. Since it is Ramadan, CRS will celebrate Iftar and his leaving all together. The meal that breaks the fast is called 'Iftar' and is consumed when the Imam says so, after blasting an extremely loud airhorn and proclaiming to everyone in the 2 mile radius who can't help but hear him over the blown out loud speakers, which is when the sun sets.

CRS local staff sacrificed a goat in the morning for the feast. Should be really yummy!

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Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Oh my goodness, I was nodding with every word.
Jakarta is extra, EXTRA chaotic in the last two weeks.....
Even the supermarket is driving me to the point...well I nearly had a hissy fit, screaming, rolling around the floor style tantrum. A two year old trapped in a lady's body. But I refrained, smiled sweetly.....You will know exactly what I
5 more days until a week in Singapore.....5 days........