Saturday, September 08, 2007

Brood Hen

Here is the totally cute little Shaker baby set Grandma Nonnie gave to Sabrina, our resident Brood Hen. I totally believe some traits are just inherent in people. In Sabrina's case she'll either be a pediatrician, school teacher or the old woman who lived in a shoe when she grows up. After having three boys in the house we were a little scarce on anything cute and maternal. Yes, Jared did request a toy BBQ when he was five and subsequently would serve his Grandma beer and a hotdog from it. Then he requested a baby doll for Christmas, but the dog chewed off the toes and fingers and then after seeing it tied by a rope on the back of a bicycle one sunny afternoon in Southern California, we discreetly laid the baby doll to rest.

So, Sabrina has had to manage with Mickey Mouse dressed in drag (in one of her dresses) and wrapping pizza menus up in paper napkins while in Banda Aceh. Now, she is in baby heaven and owns three baby dolls, too many stuffed animals to count, and this, the bada bing of the baby doll set. Thanks Nonnie!!!

"Nigh - nigh"

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