Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stuck in Singapore

I can think of a lot worse places to be stuck in than Singapore, which on closer inspection (now that it's been a week) I have come to realize is really a big floating mall where all the Asian women are cuter, skinnier, dressed nicer and have bigger bags than me.

Had a bit of a medical emergency on my way back to the good ol' US of A last Wednesday which landed me in the hospital in Singapore for five days and now I am shacking up with hubby, three overactive boys, one monkey toddler in one room with 12 peices of luggage. I'd almost check back into the hospital if it weren't for the black fungus soup they serve at lunch.

All is well with me and the fifth wheel and I'll write more later (when Simon has forgotten my blog address again.) I'll be back in Washington by Tuesday June 12.

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mom2threepks said...

My first opportunity to play Dr. House to your tropical disease and I'm on vacation! Oh the irony. Seriously though, glad you and the fifth wheel (that cracks me up!)are o-kay. Want to hear details. I'll be praying for your safe return and your sanity while in a hotel room in Singapore.