Saturday, May 26, 2007

We Didn't Expect It, But We're Expecting!

Top ten reasons why I am looking forward to another kid,… for the 5th time. (Yes, that’s right gentle readers. I am preggo with number 5. Causes one to pause, does it not?)

10. Because There’s a Wocket In My Pocket balances out “The Economist” nicely

9. I really enjoy having a small department store in my closet with boutiques such as ‘Spring,’ ‘Summer,’ ‘Fall,’ ‘Winter,’ ‘Normal sized,’ ‘Just a little preggers,’ ‘Really preggers,’ ‘The baby’s out but my body doesn’t realize it yet,’ and ‘It’s just a little baby fat (when the baby is six months, 2 years, 5 years, and yes, soon to be 11 years old.)

8. Boobs

7. Because I am a highly competitive person and my friend Nora has seven.

6. Just to freak out Joel, John and Julio. And Gab and Nancy. And all my fellow college sorority bimbos.

5. Because living in a third world country with four kids, homeschooling three of them and working part time just doesn’t seem to be enough for this particular form of adult onset ADD I seem to be nursing.

4. Because I enjoy juggling football, basketball, baseball and guitar lessons and think what’s ballet and soccer when you’re already doing all that?

3. I’ve almost figured out how to use the baby sling – a couple more and I should be a real expert!

2. I haven’t had the pleasure of morning sickness in Asia until now. Let’s all just keep our fingers cross Rob doesn’t have to build anything in Antarctica, South America or Australia any time soon.

1. I can't imagine being by myself when sitting on a toilet, taking a shower, shaving my legs or any other time when I am naked or otherwise not expecting company like when the kids burst open the bedroom door while I'm getting dressed to see if their friends (who are accompanying them) can have a coke. Ever.

And of course, because kids totally rock!


Teri said...

Awww! Can't help but love your thoughts here! And #5 makes me bust a gut laughing.

mom2threepks said...

Well done!! Congrats. Even though I don't technically KNOW you, I have a feeling that this world needs your children. The more the better! You're closing in on friend, Nora. She better get busy...

Anonymous said...

You succeeded.. I am freaked out...but could not be happier for you! Every kid deserves a mom like you. Guess this will change the nature of San Diego!