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News from the Region

Tired of the political race in the U.S? Don't want to read about Paris Hilton only gets to eat chicken in prison? Don't care if Doolittle wins Idol? Need some different news to sip your morning coffee to? Look no further,...

A poor family were poisoning after eating instant noodle

Sigli - Muhammad (3) and his mother, Nurlaili (40), villagers of Kulee, Sub-district of Batee, Pidie were poisoning after eating instant noodle from World Food Program (WFP). According to a resident, on Fri (28/4) night, Nurlaili cooked instant noodle received from WFP for her family. After cooking, Nurlaili and her youngest child, Muhammad ate that food and a few minutes afterward, they got stomachache, queasy, and threw up. Head of community health center (Puskesmas) in Batee Sub-district, Dr Nazaruddin, said that Muhammad and Nurlali was not poisoning due to instant noodle, but they got dyspastria (stomachache) plus dysentery.

Aceh is a risk area of bird flu virus Banda Aceh

Head of Health Agency in Aceh, dr T Anjar Asmara said that Aceh is a risk area of bird flu virus. "The threats might come anytime particularly following the death of seven residents of North Sumatera due to bird flu virus. Furthermore, Anjar said that although the positive avian flu cases have not yet occurred in Aceh, but within the last two years, as many as 21 cases of suspect bird flu virus to human had occurred in three districts in Aceh: 19 suspects in Aceh Utara, one in Bireuen and two suspects' bird flu cases occurred in Banda Aceh. So far, in Aceh, bird flu virus have been found to poultry in 10 districts such as 5 cases in Banda Aceh, 3 cases in Aceh Pidie, 2 cases in Bireuen, four cases in Aceh Utara, 4 cases in Aceh Timur, 2 cases in Aceh Tamiang, 2 cases in Aceh Tenggara, 12 cases in Aceh Selatan, and one cases in Aceh Besar and Lhokseumawe.

Two years was parted, Nazar found his family back Lhokseumawe

M Nazar (10), a boy from Alue Krueng, sub-district of Teunom, Aceh Jaya that was parted from his family due to tsunami tragedy two years ago, finally found his elder brother and elder sister at Paloh Meunasah Meria, Lhokseumawe on Wed (2/5). According to Nazar, when tsunami hit Aceh, he, his parents and his younger brother were in Calang visiting his uncle. His parents and his younger brother passed away in that tragedy. "After tsunami, I lived with my grandmother in Teunom and in April 2005, Ramly, a TNI officer in Koramil Teunom brought me to Jakarta. Due to I did not like to stay in Jakarta, I was determined to go back to Aceh, but I only could reach Medan," said Nazar. Nazar was founded in Medan by Said Almuddin while he was selling cigarettes a few weeks ago. Due to Said was very apprehensive to Nazar, Said asked Nazar to stay in Said's house and then Said took initiative to return this poor boy to his family in Lhokseumawe. According to Said, during his stay in Said's house, his attitude was very nice. "Every night he recited Holy Quran. Even though it's hard to return Nazar to his family, I should do it as he deserves to get back his family," said Said.

A group of tigers threaten Kluet Tengah residents

Waspada Tapaktuan - At least three tigers are wandering at four villages in Kluet Tengah sub-district, Aceh Selatan not only in the night but also during the day and although they had not yet swallowed human beings, but at least 18 residents' goats have been eaten by them. Villagers of Simpang Tiga, Mersak, Kampung Padang and Jambo Papan urged the the Aceh Selatan government to deploy tiger tamers to their villages to calm down those tigers before they attack villagers.

Thousands residents commemorated the Tragedy of Simpang KKA Lhokseumawe

Thousands residents on Wed (3/5) commemorated the Tragedy of Simpang KKA where 46 people were killed after being shot by TNI Detasemen Rudal on 3 May 1999. In this commemoration, hundreds of residents wrote their signatures on a white long cloth as the sign of their supports to solve the human rights violation in Aceh peacefully. The event coordinator, Tgk Junaidi said that this commemoration is not aimed to provoke the secure situation in Aceh, but only to commemorate the history of Simpang KKA tragedy. Meanwhile, a representative of the victims, Mustafa said that even though the peace in Aceh has reached for three years, victims of Simpang KKA incident are the forgotten people. "We urge the authorities to pay attention to the victims of Simpang KKA incident," said Mustafa. Eight PNS ex-GAM members and victims of conflict are reactivated Bireuen - As many as eight ex GAM members and victims of conflict that have been deactivated as Government Employees (PNS) in Bireuen, are reactivated as Government Employees following Bireuen Regent, Mustafa Abubakar has approved their reactivation.
WH held a dressing raid
Harian Aceh Meulaboh - A joint team of sharia police (WH), police, and military police in Aceh Barat on Wed (2/5) evening held a dressing raid at Simpang Kisaran, Meulaboh, Aceh Barat. During the raid, many women were caught due to they did not wear jilbab (veil) and wearing pressed tight dress. Even, a girl cried because she was very afraid when WH interrogated her. In that raid, a number of NGO workers that came from oversea and from outside of Aceh who passed that area, were also caught by WH as they were not dressing in Islamic way, however, after WH gave them some advices, they were released. "During the raid, we caught 65 women who did not wear Jilbab and dressing tightly. Some of them were brought to Sharia Islam office to get some advices and to sign the declaration letter that they won't repeat their same mistake," said Zainuddin, public relation of Sharia Islam office in Aceh Barat.

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