Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Goin' Ta Bali!

Well, we are off to Bali. Forget tropical paradise and mysterious temples. I’m just excited to go to a place where I can buy tampons and a good bra. Sorry to all you faint hearted men out there, but these are important items in any modern western woman’s life and sorely missed when they are not available.

I’ve been a good sport about making bread from scratch for every meal. My family has been very accommodating as well since I’ve found one recipe that works well in the Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven. Whether it’s shaped like a biscuit, roll, hotdog or hamburger bun or breadstick, they all taste familiar.

I’ve also been happy enough to wear flip flops everywhere along with my jeans and long sleeve shirts in 90 degree humid weather. But a good foundation is necessary and now that the baby is weaned and all the ten pounds I’ve managed to get rid of since her birth seem to only be from my chest, something new is required. I’ll leave the other comment as it stands.

One other mystery of life I question before I sign off; why is it that even though Rob will only get to play one round of golf while we are in Bali, he has to take his golf clubs? Why can‘t he just rent?


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