Friday, November 10, 2006


Wow, I actually exceeded the word limit of my blogger, so for those of you in the dark, the last two letters in the previous post were 'en.'

He looks too relaxed, eh? And this is day 1 of the Perth Park Tour 2006!

Yes, Sabrina actually has enough hair that she gets 'bed head' like everybody else!

Just another crazy family ,... livin' the dream!

Here is Sabrina's snorky face - I keep telling her it's going to be hard enough to get a date with some hot highschool hunk with three older brothers and she should really not do the snorky-scrunch the nose up-and-smile thing, but she won't listen to me,... Or else she's practicing to replace Jack White's sister in the White Stripes band,.. maybe we should be listening to more Nursery Rhymes on the car radio,...

Okay, say it with me, "Wow! That's one fat Wombat!"

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