Monday, October 02, 2006

Indonesian Language Lesson Number Two

Language lesson number two:

Max makan Alpo saja. Max eats dog food only.

Max tidak makan makanan rakyat. Max does not eat food from the dinner table.

Max makan makanan bakyat buat Max bau jekel. If you feed Max food from the dinner table, he stinks.

Love those German Shepherds! One of the traits of the dog breed happens to be a nervous stomach. Since their tail hangs low and is tucked under the body most of the time, if the stool happens to be a little ‘loose’ and sticks to the fur under the tale, it is difficult for air to get there and dry it out, hence the stinkiness.

None of the Internet sites, dog breed books or owners mentioned this unique characteristic of the animal.

I spent about two weeks in Boise, Idaho wiping one of our Shepherd’s butts, and vowed not to do it ever again. So, now it is Rob’s turn. Part of ensuring the dog’s constitution stays healthy is feeding it only things made to be digested by it. There is no ScienceDiet or Eukanuba here, only Alpo. Many breeders and dog owners will tell you that this is not a very high quality food, and may cause problems. Mix in the nanny who hates to see food go to waste, and we have one happy, albeit stinky, dog.

I really think Rob’s big fear is the fact that if bacteria start breeding in that area, there is a chance the glands will get swollen and someone will need to pop the resulting abscess. There are no veterinarians here and I think I can successfully argue that Rob has had more CPR and first aid training than me, so guess who should perform that lovely procedure?

Happy Monday!

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